Hi, I’m Andrew Zimmern, and this is Bizarre Foods.

Today we are here with Rich Dude, to sample a delicacy popular to successful and wealthy people alike. So Rich Dude, tell us of this dish.

Thanks Andrew, let me introduce you… to PRIDE.

Oohhh, honestly Rich Dude, that doesn’t look very appetizing.

Well, it is an acquired taste. Not much people find it appealing. But this is a delicacy that has made countless people successful, would you like to try to swallow your pride?

Hmm, well, there is always the first time for everything.

UGH! Yuck! This is horrible. Its hard to swallow your pride!

Yes, pride is challenging. As you can see why.

Here, let me prepare your pride for you.

MMMm, now this is a lot better. I can get used to this.

“No one ever choked to death swallowing his pride”

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