This was me, in a life before.

I wouldn’t say it was particularly bad. It was a life of security, of knowing that tomorrow would pretty much look as if today.

A life where everything was clockwork, predictable.. and yes, boring.


I took comfort with the little treasures I had.

My definition of value at that time revolved around supplemental happiness, and which of things that entertained me. These are my little distractions from the tiny world I’m living in.

When living your life from day to day, there will come a time that you get to realize that tomorrow may cease to come. It scared me a little, knowing that what I would leave behind are but the little trinkets that I surrounded myself with. A smear in the great symphony of life.

There were times I did dream of something more, beyond the world that I have known half my lifetime. And this nagging urge got me exposed to books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Secrets of the Millionaire mind by T. Harv Eker, etc.

This also exposed me to seminars alike making me realize how smaller and smaller my world is getting.

I did try to explore what lies ahead, but the fear and the longing to go back to my comfort bubble always took the best of me. And back to my little world I was.

Until I was introduced to Create Abundance Business Community. A community where I met my mentors whom gave me the final push to take action and pursue a life that I thought only exists in my dreams.

Growth in the community did not come easy for me. The addiction to security and staying within my comfort zone are in some days unbearable. But my burning ambition and my desire to reach my dreams was unquenchable. It became my fuel and my motivation to push ahead and leave everything behind.

“Brick walls are there for a reason – they let us prove how badly we want things and to keep out others who do not want it enough.”

What Create Abundance for me is a space for growth. A stage where you get to realize how great you truly are.

I have been with the community for almost a year now, and my proudest achievements are not of the growth and success I have made for myself, but of the person that I have become that inspired others to see their own true greatness. And that is the legacy I want to leave behind. A story… a tapestry made up of people I empowered so they too can dare to dream big.

This is Amiel “Rich Dude” Lapuebla, thinking BIG and kicking ass since January 2009.

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