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It couldn’t get any simpler.


Laws and Principles to Live By (via The Educated Entrepreneur’s Blog)

If you are into business and entrepreneurship, you will find that knowing these laws prove to be of value. 🙂

Laws and Principles to Live By Pareto Principle  | Parkinson’s Law  | Law of Averages  |  Law of Association 4 Laws & Principles every Entrepreneur should know and live by: The Pareto Principle The Pareto principle is a very popular law …my guess is that you’ve probably come across it or have even heard of it numerous times throughout your life… however it was most likely referred to with a different name.  If you’ve ever heard of the 80-20 rule, or the law of the vita … Read More

via The Educated Entrepreneur’s Blog


Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose.

A recent study at M.IT. shows a surprising truth to what motivate us. And how “profit motive” only go so far compared to an autonomous, masterful, and purpose driven life.

“…if we start treating people like people, and not assuming that they are horses. If we get past this ideology of carrot and sticks and look at the science, we not only can make organizations and work lives that are better off, but has the promise to create a world that is better.”


What drives you? 🙂

Poker Face Pooch

I love dogs.

We have a few puppies and adult shitzus running around the house, being the adorable poop machines that they are. I love that they have developed unique personalities, their own “me” in this world. Especially the one who like to tap my feel whenever he wants “lambing”  🙂

Anyways, I saw this picture of some dogs playing poker and it got me inspired to do a little something like this:

FTW! Golden piggie playing Cashflow!

Yup Yup! Were having another Cashflow Game gathering this Saturday, May 22.  Have a great Saturday morning socializing with like minded business people, investors and enthusiasts alike. So if you and your friends feel the need for some finance education this weekend; confirm your reservations HERE 🙂

The fallacy of limitations.

“It’s a lie to think that you are not good enough… it’s a lie to think you are not worth anything” – Nick Vujicic

True Colors

Today, we will witness as each of us support our candidate’s colors.

Colors that will represent our ideology, our beliefs, our hope as a people, and as a nation.

May we not be swayed by glamor and platforms motivated by revenge, greed, nor anger

…but by a bigger realization that though different in choice

….we are one in aspiration and pursuit for a better country that we all deserve.

We are, after all, one under the mantle of our nation’s true colors.


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may 10, 2010

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Of Hunger and Foolishness

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

A moving speech to pursue one’s ambitions and dreams. To never back down and accept the limits the world imposes, and realize your capacity to do great things.